xPeria’s Stamina

After my previous post on Snapdragon Battery Guru app and tips to save battery on a smartphone, I tried the inbuilt xPeria Stamina mode in my phone. This also basically does the same thing like switching off mobile data when not in use and using location based wifi services to switch to wifi networks instead of mobile data and also using a low power mode to conserve battery when battery is running low…

After using it for a week, I noticed once I start using the phone from unlocking the screen the initial swiping and opening apps had a slight lag. Either this was due to the mobile data getting switched on in the background or a software bug in the phone. Either way this stamina mode almost gave the same backup time as Snapdragon battery guru app.

But at the end of the day I have now stopped using both the battery guru app and stamina mode as it seemed to affect the phone’s performance. I still manage to get 1.5 days of usage before I charge my phone again so it’s not that bad. I prefer running my phone slick and speedy rather than laggy to get some extra 4-5 hours battery time 🙂

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