Windows Phone Newbies

After my review on Lumia 620 I did a fair bit of searching on the net for various sites on windows phone 8. And these I think are should be in anyone’s list to gain a idea or news / tips on the windows phone 8 software and phones.

  • Windows Phone : As a norm, it’s best to start with the official giving the low down on the features, hardware, the windows app market place….
  • Windows Central : A great site to read up on new apps, windows 8 phones, accessories and even a online shop to buy accessories….
  • WMPowerUser : A good site with a forum to help out and discuss the various features /issues on windows phone 8.
  • Symbian Tweet : Started as a site for news/ reviews on symbian OS and apps, now this site brings news/ reviews mainly on Nokia Lumia phones with with windows phone 8 apps / games reviews and articles….

If you know any other good sites for Windows Phone 8, please share it in the comments section here….

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