Wifi transfer files…

One of the best things about a Android smartphone is how easy files can be shared with another phone / tablet or PC. But Windows with it’s inbuilt bluetooth driver doesn’t play nice when transferring files from a android smartphone  / tablet. So it’s either a USB cable or a USB OTG (on-the-go) adapter to transfer files. To completely go wireless transferring files via Wifi is a solution.

So first thing first is to download ES File explorer for your android phone or tablet. This is a FREE app which provides lots of file management features. I’ve a Windows 8.1 laptop, so in that I selected a folder which I wanted to share wirelessly .


In your PC / Laptop

1. Just right click on the folder -> Select “Properties” -> Select “Sharing” Tab -> Click “Share”
2. In the new window which opens  -> Select your own Username listed in the options (Make sure your user name has admin rights on the computer)
3. Click “Share” and in the previous window you can click “Close”

Wifi transfer files from android phone to PC

See the screenshot above to follow the steps on a PC

In your Android Phone / Tablet

Wifi transfer from phone1. Make sure the phone / tablet is connected to the same Wifi network as the computer
2. Open ES File explorer & Click the hamburger menu and you will see a option “Network” -> and select the sub-option “Network”
3. Now click the “+” symbol at the bottom which scans for networked computers and it will list your PC.
4. Just select the PC (either your PC name will be listed or the local IP address as seen from the screenshot) and this will ask for your PC username and password.
5. Since I was using a Windows 8.1 system I had to log in with my admin user name and password for the computer (which was my Live ID and password)
6. Once this is done you will be able to major drives in your computer along with the shared folder of your PC). Note: only the shared folder can be accessed via the app

That’s it….I was able to transfer from and to the phone and PC easily and more quickly.