What’s with a Phablet ?

Phablet, a word made famous after Samsung introduced Galaxy Note N7000 probably a year and half ago. ‘Phone + Tablet’ in a single device its claimed. I’ve seen and used some of my friend’s Galaxy Note N7000 (simply called Note I). It’s ok to hold, but I found that working with it in one hand is not as easy as it seems and the most irritating thing for me is where to keep it. I usually like to carry my mobile in a belt holster, but my friends who own these Notes carry it in their (go figure – might be they got used to the size).

And now I came across the Note II (officially called Note N7100) with a 5.5″ screen compared to Note I’s 5″ screen size. The width has been slightly trimmed but the height has been increased to¬†accommodate¬†the screen size and I find this more unwieldy in my hands (might be my hands are small). But the owner of the phone doesn’t seem to mind the extra size or the weight.

On the phone front, the screen is gorgeous to look at (but if i wanted a tablet i won’t call this a replacement for one). It’s quad core processor and 2GB RAM made it smooth and slick to use. The S-Pen was a cool and fun accessory to use. From what I got from the owner even with heavy usage it gave about one and a half day of battery backup which seems very good for the phone of this size and features.

For a detailed comparison between Note II and I click here.


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