Upgrade to Windows 8.1

For those who didn’t yet jumped on to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8 you better read my previous post on backing up your PC as this might come in handy when upgrading your PC. It’s been some days now when the Windows 8.1 update has been available in the Windows Store but at a size of 3.6 GB and with my so called broadband connection I was skeptical to start the update.

But at the start of the month I get speeds of 2 mpbs and day before yesterday mid morning I started the update process by clicking on the download button. While the update was downloading I had free run with my system with no slow downs or interruptions. And yesterday morning (after almost 24 hours) the actual update process started. When I got the message that the system will restart than was when I was unable to use the PC . This process took about 30 minutes and after making some custom settings I was taken to the now used tile based desktop.

The update process restored all my settings and programs / apps I had so that I can start using my PC where I left off. Some early reviews on the changes,

  • Couldn’t find the local user log in support – had to log in to my pc using the live ID.
  • The start button returns but I already got used to the left end of the screen being a option to go to the start screen
  • The windows key and typing of program name brings the relevant programs in the main screen but it now opens under the search bar on the left hand side of the screen – not very convenient
  • The traditional desktop mode and the windows explorer interface looks spruced up.
  • The general PC seems quicker now..

Care to show your opinion..please post your comments on Windows 8.1 below 🙂