‘xPeria’ing into Android

So after days of pondering and getting into the ring with a trio of bantam weight smartphone contenders I made a sudden decision to buy a Sony Xperia L (C2104/C2105) which had a sudden price drop to 16,990/- and a 5% discount with a 8GB memory card skewed the decision in it’s favor and partially to the idea that I liked Sony Ericsson in it’s days 🙂 …

Sony Xperia L So I ordered it via Flipkart (which was giving that offer) and the phone was promptly delivered on the 3rd day. Even though I wanted to buy a Diamond white color, I played it safe (white needs lots of care & attention  to keep it clean) I settled for a starry black. I’ve seen a xPeria Go so I expected type of packing (a novel and premium way). I was disappointed to a plain old type packaging (sony might have thought a phone at this price range didn’t deserve a better packing) anyway the box had the usual culprits like a normal stereo headset, a USB cable, travel charging plug, warranty card and manual along with the phone and battery. The sandisk 8GB memory card was on the outside as it was a offer from the retailer and not Sony.

So after more than 2 years I was stepping into Android territory and having my contacts in gmail made it easier for the transition. So here are my initial pros and cons on the phone…


  • Excellent finish with slim profile and the matte black back panel was a delight to hold.
  • The dual core 1 Ghz processor and 1 GB RAM made the phone smooth and easier to work with
  • The xPeria UI is minimal and sleek in its looks


  • The onscreen keyboard was a hit & miss affair. The iPhone 3GS keyboard seems a tad better.
  • The pre-installed Office Suite app is only a free version where its only possible to view / edit docs and new documents can’t be created. Samsung on the other hand gives Polaris Office full version in their phones
  • Some pre-installed apps which I term it as crapware aren’t removable

So at around 15K this xPeria is a capable smartphone with most of the cons on the software side which can be easily overcome…I will post about the other features of this phone in my upcoming posts….

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