Sony xPeria L vs Moto G

It’s been a year since I started using Sony xPeria L and it’s serving me well till date ….. So I thought I will do a comparison with a phone I think that will be it’s worthy replacement at the same price point . I know there are lots  of phones to consider in the 200 USD (12 – 15K INR) range.  Some of the worthy contenders in my list are Asus Zenfone 5, Xiaomi Mi3, Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo and finally Moto G 16GB ….

xPeria L vs Moto G

I like the Moto G as it really re-defined the term Value for Money smartphone with a really good User experience which I think is the most important thing in a smartphone (having used some mediocre low end smart phones before my xPeria L). It isn’t a straight specs head to head I am going to do here rather than each phone’s pros and cons when doing a comparison.

  • Sony xPeria L with it’s arched body and matte finish back looks premium in this range with the Moto G having a plain jane look but quite comfortable in the hands
  • Moto G is adequately powered with a Snapdragon quad core processor with 1 GB RAM whereas the now one year old is quite ok with a Snapdragon dual core processor with 1 GB RAM
  •   xPeria L has the advantage in storage with internal  8 GB and  a micro SD card slot whereas the Moto G 3G variant has either 8 GB or 16 GB versions with the 4G variant (which has a micro SD card slot) not available in India at the moment
  • Optics – xPeria L has a better camera at 8 megapixel but how far it is better than the 5 megapixel of Moto G I won’t debate here as I don’t use my smartphone camera very rarely
  • Moto G almost gives a pure android experience and that too the latest KitKat flavor and with further future updates coming whereas the xPeria L is stuck at jellybean 4.2.2 with the xPeria Launcher (which I like)

As you can see both has it’s strong points and it’s weak points …..

For a in-depth specs comparison you can head over here ….