Master your smartphone battery

As most of smartphone users would say the biggest bane is their phone battery running out of juice in the middle of the day and almost all of you would have read many battery saving tips around the web, like these…

  • Switching off various connectivity options like Wifi, Bluetooth when not used
  • Disabling location based services and GPS when not in use
  • Lowering the brightness

But after all these said Ive always found the battery life depends on the way the user uses the phone….

Snapdragon Battery guruMany of these options are one click away in a Android powered smartphone but many people forget to do it. So when it came to my xPeria L, I tried out Qualcomm SnapDragon Battery Guru which as the name suggests will work on smartphones powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon processors. After a simple installation, the app starts its learning process and it makes us to switch on the Location based services (which I never do) and it learns the way we use our smartphones and which app uses how much battery.

After the initial learning period is over it gives tips to save battery. Before this app my phone would give me 1.5 days of usage with normal stuff like calls,message and mails. But when games are played the battery lasted for a day. With this app installed I found a marginal rise in battery life nothing substantial. The way it uses location based wifi services to switch from mobile data to wifi internet was a feature that got in my good books.

In the future posts, I will compare this app with Sony’s own Stamina mode…Meanwhile share your thoughts on this app or any other battery saving app which you have used and liked 🙂

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