Secure your PC “eSet” way

As my first post, I would start off by writing my first paid version of a Security software for my Windows 7 based laptop. Before this I’ve always went for a FREE or Personal Edition of anti-virus softwares like AVG, Avast and Microsoft Security Essentials. Among these Avast Home Edition did serve me well for many years but as Internet poses a major threat to computer security I thought I will upgrade to a paid version provided its reasonably priced and serves its purpose well i.e GUARD MY PC & IT’S DATA.

After some brief research I narrowed down to Kaspersky, Bit Defender and ESET NOD32 . I wanted a full security tool and not just antivirus so these three’s full security suite were my choices. My friend, DemonKnight suggested me to go for ESET NOD32 . So I googled some reviews on it and found it to be highly rated, so I went for a 3 user pack for INR.1,200/- (22 US$). It’s well priced at only INR. 400/- per user license.

I’ve a Windows 7 (64-Bit) Home premium on my laptop and while starting the installation process itself there was a newer version which was downloaded and installed from the net. I fiddled around the box for the user license key , found it atlast and registered it and all within some few minutes. The default settings was right enough for me in terms of anti-virus scanning / updating, real time protection and firewall protection. As you can see from the screenshot, its interface is simple and uncluttered.

And now using it for last 2 months, I’ve always found it very light on my system resources, updates itself quietly on the background, detects and catches trojans / viruses / worms from the net and from removable drives like thumb drives / memory cards quickly and efficiently.

Money well spent on a excellent Internet Security suite i would say…Nice work ESET NOD32 🙂

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