Kie’ing’ to Icecream sandwich

In continuation of my thoughts on Galaxy Tab P7300 (a tablet in between) what I first wanted to do was to update it from Honeycomb (Android 3.1) to  official Icecream sandwich (Android 4.0.4). I downloaded the latest Samsung Kies from here. After a straight forward installation procedure, I plugged in the Tab to install its usb device drivers  and then it got connected and showed up in Kies. As you can see from the screenshot below it showed there is a latest firmware available for the Tab.

GalaxyTab P7300_Kies

So I clicked the update firmware and for few times I got stuck while downloading the initial updated. It was hair pulling stuff. So I decided I will go Over-The-Air (OTA) route through Wifi connection, that also said there was a problem with the network or server and try updating it via Kies. Now it really infuriated me. So I went back to kies and got the initial update to 100% download and then it said I didn’t have administrator rights. So now I closed and started the Kies in administrator mode (I’ve windows 8 and in that right click on the tile you will get as “run as administrator” option at the bottom). And this time the initial download which took some 10-15 minutes and it completed successfully , but it seems the actual update process starts after this process. And this process took almost 5-6 hours (it ran overnight for me) and when I switched on the Tab the next morning viola Android Icecream sandwich was served in my Tab. It was noticeably faster to use.

So there was lots of hassles for me but with a faster internet connection it might have been over quicker. Anyway it was worth the wait 🙂

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