Bump up your Laptop

It’s been more than a year with my Dell Vostro 3450 and when I wrote this post on Vostro 3450 vs 1450 the one thing I noted was a easier way to upgrade RAM. After lots of deliberations and pondering I was left a choice between Kingston Dell specific RAM and Corsair RAM. For the same 4GB RAM kit the price difference was 1000 INR, so I went with Corsair 4GB DDR3 Laptop RAM .

Upgrading RAM is the most easy way to improve the performance of a laptop. But before you do please check whether you have a empty RAM slot and what type of RAM is compatible with your laptop and whether the Windows OS is 64 or 32 Bit (32 bit windows supports a max. RAM of 3 GB ). CPU-Z is a excellent free software to check the insides of your laptop / pc. For Corsair I checked out in their official site here to see which RAM will be compatible with my laptop.

Dell 3450 RAM upgradeThe Corsair RAM was simple in its packing with the RAM, manual and warranty card inside. By the way it has 10 years warranty. So the process of installing the memory is as simple as it gets. Remove the battery, then unscrew the single screw at the bottom compartment (Note: the screw doesn’t come off completely so don’t try to remove it) and then the bottom door just can be opened by flipping it from one corner (fingernail or a slight help from screw driver will come in handy). The second bay was empty and just insert it in a angle and pushing it in will lock it into its place.

After screwing the door back and putting in the battery, I checked in with system information to see whether it was now 8GB.The windows experience index RAM score was showing 7.4 (while it was 5.9 when I had 4 GB). And I could see better response when opening softwares and shutting down the laptop. So it was worth it’s while…

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