PTC ….really

Many people might have heard the term PTC (Paid to Click) …and many among you might be skeptical that either the whole scheme is a fraud or you will end making up a few pennies. I’ve been a member of some PTC sites and found only two to be reliable enough and give the money we have earned. I can say on my behalf that only few cents can be made per day so it’s not my idea of a get rich quick scheme.

I use NeoBux and ClixSense¬†and found both of these very trust worthy. I don’t believe in their way of calculating the amount earned and I am not a paid member in any of these sites to verify their earning claims. I click ads when I’ve time and in recent months they have added simple jobs from a crowdsourcing site called crowdflower whereby they pay anywhere between 3-11 cents per job and this gives a bigger incentive to do as many jobs in a day and they also give you bonus on achieving some targets.

If you are able to refer people directly and if they do these ad clicking and mini jobs regularly then you will get a commission. For people who are looking into augmenting their regular work with some part time internet work and do the tasks patiently over a period of time then they can earn a pretty tidy sum but that depends on the time spent on doing these jobs regularly.

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