Set of Freebies for your PC

As soon as you buy a windows based PC like a desktop / laptop / netbook / ultrabook in addition to the preloaded operating system we always need the usual set of security / productivity softwares…So here is a list of free softwares which has been very useful to me …..

  • Avast Antivirus – The free version of Avast antivirus is a excellent security software to protect your PC
  • Libre Office – Office productivity tools doesn’t come much better than the free Libre Office (similar to Open Office) with word, spreadsheet, database and presentation tools.
  • VLC Media Player – A multi-format audio / video player is a must for PC for entertainment and VLC media player is one of the best I’ve used…

  • PeaZip – A software to handle compressed file formats like zip / rar is useful to have always and I’ve found Peazip to be a more than handy utility
  • CCleaner – To clean junk files  – temporary files / registry junk and to keep the PC in a tip-top shape CCleaner is a wonderful utility to have
  • Picasa – To sort photos, or to edit / clean-up / tweak them and share them Picasa is a nice tool with a excellent viewer option to view a set of photos

These are only some free softwares and there are much more to cover in different categories which I will try to post in a future date, meanwhile you can share your free softwares here…..

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