My Mom’s Kindle…

Kindle has started picking up in India after it has been formally launched and retailed here in various stores, as often the case many of you might have got it from U.S. and are early adopters of Kindle and e-book reading.

My Mom got her kindle from my brother in stateside, as he was convinced the basic 6″ kindle with e-ink is perfect for reading books. This Kindle is the starter of the Kindle family with a 6″ E-Ink screen with 800 x 600 display and 5 hardware keys at the front. My brother had already set it up by signing up a Amazon account and loaded some free books and put in a 30$ gift card too so that she could use it to purchase books from Amazon.

Once it arrived in India with a leather folio cover, I was able to fiddle with it and get in grips of the user interface and the screen of the kindle. Its slightly awkward for me with no touchscreen and somewhat confusing user interface but after some minutes I was able to get in grips with it.

As a sole e-book reading device, the e-ink screen (basically it is very legible and clear when there in enough light around ala like reading a book, its better when there is lot of light around to read). The clear type fonts with its various sizes and a option to rotate the screen and change fonts makes it very pleasant to read and the size with the cover makes it perfect to hold it in one hand and read.

I’ve loaded 100’s of books from various sources from classics to mysteries and romance which my mom likes to read.On my brother’s recommendation, I use Calibre (a free e-book management software to load and sync books) to load books into the kindle,which I will discuss about in a future post.

The only thing about e-books and kindle is that I don’t find colorful magazines in pdf format very easy to read in the kindle because of its black and white screen and screen resolution. The battery life is amazing and when I buy books from amazon online from my computer , the whispersync method from Amazon automatically downloads the book to the kindle once its switched and connected to the net via wi-fi.

In the future post, I will talk about how my Mom’s kindle is more of her handheld gaming device than a ebook reader….

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