Moto E – Refreshed

The first Gen Moto E re-defined the economy smartphone with good hardware combined with pure android experience. The one other thing was that it was supposed to receive newer Android updates as soon as it was released. But the Moto E didn’t get Android 5.0 and there were mixed news about it’s next update. Almost 2 weeks before it got updated to Android 5.1 direct ¬†from Android 4.4 . I was able to do a quick review of Moto E with Android Lollipop.

  • The almost 400 MB OTA update was a straight forward task to download and install.
  • The first impression was that it maintains it still ‘buttery’ user interface with every swipes and touches quick to respond
  • The App drawer was similar to the Kitkat version with the wallpaper transparent in the background unlike the 2nd Gen Moto G which had a white background in the App drawer
  • Visually the icons have been changed to the newer material design and the lock screen notifications are straight from Android 5.1
  • The home screen notification bar with a single pull down and a more extensive pull down for quick shortcuts makes it easier to access various settings and notifications.
  • The user profiles are enabled now giving the option to setup multiple users for the phone.
  • The battery life seems better which is a pleasant surprise.

Hopefully I can test out whether there are any improvements in the camera and other features in the phone¬†and come up with a new post pretty soon ….

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