Carry a 3G router in your pocket

With 3G data rates falling in India, and many having only a Wi-Fi based gadget like IPod touch, Tablet without 3G or for laptops without 3G connectivity built-in a mobile pocket 3G router like MicroMax 400R is a god-send.

The device is pocketable, has a removable Li-Ion battery and a sim card slot and also a micro-sd card slot. The given manual was sparse but by putting in the sim card and switching on the power and wireless button my laptop was able to detect a wi-fi spot automatically without any fiddling around with the settings.

Micromax 400R (Mi-Fi) Data Card

For the techies, there is a browser based setup screen to fiddle around with the profile settings and also to setup a password for wifi (very recommended). Everytime, we first log onto the internet the micromax start-up page comes which is a bit irritating anyway not a major downer.

The router can be used to connect 5 devices at a time and I used it for my laptop and smartphone at the same time without any hassles. I didn’t check out the battery life but it should hold up to 3-4 hours max.

This was the cheapest 3G pocket router I could found and you could buy it here …..

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