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iPhone 3GS & IOS6

Most of current generation IOS users would have now updated to IOS6 but people like me who have the iPhone 3GS who will not get any of the “mindblowing” features of the IOS6 will be slightly skeptical…. I for one was apprehensive that my phone would slow down and the hefty 780 MB would be a hassle to download using a 256 Kbps broadband connection coupled with 12 hours of power cut would give me a heart burn….

I googled and came across this link which directed me to download IOS6 IPSW file (780 MB), which I used a download manager with resume capability..After successfully downloading the IPSW file after  6 hours….I was able to install the update using the tip in this link..which basically asked me to press my “SHIFT” key when I hit update button in itunes and directed to the IPSW file i downloaded…

After a 10  minute update process …I was asked to go through a setup process..basically for  logging into the apple account and setting up the iMessage contact details…I haven’t gone into the “passbook” app and extensively used the “maps” app…but the small things like “rejecting the call with sms” and “do not disturb” and better email handling capabilities are appreciated…The interface seems smoother and the font appears crisper which really pleased me…so kudos to Apple for atleast providing some sort of software updates to now a more than 2 year old phone 🙂

When I find more Pros and Cons of IOS6 in Iphone 3GS ..I will be writing out another post on it…

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