Power-fi your 3G

I’ve earlier written about Huawei’s E8231 data card and now I’ve got myself its junior sibling (as you may call) Huawei E8221. The minor difference between the E8221 and E8231 being that E8221 only supports upto 14.4 Mbps speeds and available in a black color.

Huawei E8221The package came with a E8221 data card and some leaflets and a warranty card. Installing it was just the standard plug-n-play affair. The data settings was automatically retrieved and set depending on the SIM card. The browser based interface was slick and clutter free with options to turn on/off the wifi hotspot and tinkering with the 3G settings and security settings. A option to send / receive messages is also there. But there is no call option or USSD support in the data card. USSD support would have been nice as it would then be possible to access data balances and activate data packs.

It also has a data logo and limits functionality to limit data usage. The main pro of this data card is that it acts as a wifi-hot spot (upto 10 devices) so while acting as a data card when plugged in the USB it automatically acts as wifi hotspot for your other portable devices. The range was pretty ok with good signals being received within a distance of 4-5 metres with no impedance.

Another great thing was that with any USB based 5A charger , you can just plugin and use it as a portbale wifi hotspot. The speeds were pretty good (depends on the network provider) and the device didn’t heat up that much even after 3-4 hours of continuous usage. So all in all a good deal at 2K and you can get one here …..