Free Video Converter

In a era where we possess multiple gadgets that can play videos from our TV’s, mobile phones, computers, tablets etc….. There always seems to be a problem of incompatible formats and which devices plays which format. I’ve used many a software to overcome this problem but for the last year or so I’ve been using Freemake video converter which also made my list for software freebies.

It not only is free and only needs .NET platform which is almost available in all new windows PC’s but also has a very simple clutter free user interface (see below) even newbies can easily use.

Video/Audio/DVD/Photo or even URL’s from online video service like youtube can be added by clicking at the corresponding blue buttons at the top. And then it will list in the main window. Once added video’s can be cut / trim to edit the length and even multiple videos can be joined. Then the bottom window show’s plethora of formats that the video can be converted to like avi,wmv,mp4 or device specific formats like for iphone4s, ipad,blackberry so that it takes out the hassle of remembering various codecs and screen resolutions. So the video conversion is done in a single go making it a breeze for newbies.

For people who want more control, there are advanced settings too to tweak the bitrate, frequency etc…

So there we go a totally FREE..freemake video converter for all your video conversion needs…

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