Dell Vostro 3450 vs 1450

When I was deciding to buy a business class laptop in the 40K range I was hard pressed by the choices provided by Dell Vostro 3450 and 1450. Where the Dell Vostro 1450 had its pluses in terms of Graphics card and a slightly cheaper rate the Dell Vostro 3450 had USB 3.0 connectivity, HD quality web cam with noise reducing microphones and a easily accessible RAM bay to upgrade RAM.

Dell Vostro 3450Even though I was fascinated by the graphics card in 1450 I finally settled for the 3450 mainly in terms of construction, build quality and a better battery life. I didn’t have a USB 3.0 based device then and my skype needs were very limited.

But now after getting to use a USB 3.0 based external hard disk and the excellent video chat capabilities provided by the HD web cam in low lighting conditions I think my choice was right (a huge thanks to my brother for pointing these pluses to me).And also the easier access to the RAM bay will come in very hand to me as I upgrade to another 4 GB of RAM.

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