Dell Vostro 3450 Replacement Battery

It’s been more than one and a half years since I bought my Dell Vostro 3450 and quite suddenly the battery life took a worse turn and started draining out in 30-45 minutes and with Windows 8 unable to warn me when the battery was about to completely run down. I came across this Battery Care software which gave a detailed information about the battery and more importantly stated that my battery wear level is 75% and it kept on increasing as the days went by.

So my search for a battery started with some knowledge already available for me after shopping for my previous Acer and Lenovo notebooks. Both times I settled for a 3rd party OEM battery. So this time too I started with search for OEM batteries which were cheaper and gave 6 months warranty. But then I came across Dell branded battery and it was only costlier by 500-600 bucks. So then I went ahead and ordered this Dell branded battery even though it had only 90 days warranty from Flipkart. Even though my model was not listed in the page but the battery had the same part number J1KND.And it’s also compatible with Dell Inspiron 13r/14r/15r/17e series.

Dell Vostro 3450 battery infoThe battery came packed in a box fit enough to hold a netbook. I replaced it with my old battery and saw the information shown in the Battery care software (see the image on the right). For the first few times I discharged the battery completely before recharging it (it’s always best to drain the battery completely) and I get working times between 2:30 and 3 hours as the original battery when it was new.


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