“ColorNotes” on the go

One of the most often used productivity app on a mobile device is a note taking app. There are a plethora of options out there with lots of features and at varying price points. The popular ones among them are Evernote, One Note, Google Keep …. My main needs for a note taking app are easy and lightweight to use with option to password protect sensitive information. ColorNote was the one I zeroed upon and I’ve been using it for more than a year now.

ColorNoteIts main highlights being,

  • Completely free with no ads.
  • Easy note keeping with color coding of notes and a master password to protect sensitive information
  • Ability to backup notes to SD card or the cloud
  • In-built calendar with reminder options.
  • To-do list type notes
  • Can directly link numbers as phone numbers also recognises links / email addresses etc…
  • Notes can be searched and archived
  • Widgets can be kept on the homescreen on a android smartphone.
  • Notes can be shared with other apps.

The cons of the app being no images kept inside the notes and has no option to group and categorize notes and there is no web based client or service to access notes from a PC. But this was not a deal breaker for me. All in all a nifty and great note taking app to consider…

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