‘Chrome’ in your iPhone

Just after the launch of Chrome browser for IOS 4.3 or above, I downloaded it from the iTunes store mainly out of curiosity as I’ve never used a alternate browser in my iPhone 3GS. After downloading and installing the app in my phone, I was welcomed with the same icon which I see in my laptop daily. And touching it opened the now familiar ‘clean’ interface as seen in the computer screen.

Google Chrome for IOS Once I signed into it using google account, I found all my favorites automatically synced in which was nice. I tried browsing normal full fledged website all rendered nice and fast (of course it also depends on the internet connection speed) and mobile based websites also rendered nice and fast.
Opening multiple tabs and switching it around was also fast and easy. So for people who use Chrome in their computers will now have familiar browser to carry around. Unfortunately there is no option to set the default browser in IOS which is not the case in android. Anyway it seems the latest androids will have the Chrome browser as default browser.


There are lots of mobile web browsers like Opera Mini, Dolphin browser and even firefox , so what is your favorite mobile web browser, please post it here in the comments section 🙂


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  2. Chrome rocks on my xperia mini pro!!! Luv’d it 🙂

  3. Cool 🙂

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