Backup Windows 8 system

A few months back my Windows 8 laptop after a regular update showed a modern version of the dreaded blue screen with a sad 🙁 face and all my attempts to recover from a restore point and repair the system went in vain. And to get a complete system image of windows 8 I was in need of a NTFS formatted external hard disk. I already had a Western Digital 250 GB portable hard disk which I used to take backup of data. But nowadays GB’s of data are needed to be backed up and I decided upon a Western Digital 1 TB My Passport portable hard disk. At around 4 grand it was not only the cheapest but also had good reviews about it.

The Hard disk came in a simple packing with only the hard disk, a USB 3.0 cable and some leaflets + warranty card. The hard disk itself was pocketable with a funky polka dotted design. The cable looks like a proprietary one and ok in length (not ridiculously small). I plugged into my laptop’s USB 3.0 port and within a few seconds the drive was successully installed. It had some softwares for PC & MAC in it which I didn’t try.

Now to create a system, go to control panel in desktop mode in Windows 8. And go to “All control panel items”->Windows 7 file file recovery. And select “create system image” on the right hand side. See the screenshot below.

Windows 8 system backup

The process will prompt the location for the image to be saved, so select the external hard disk location and then click next which will start the process. It took 34 GB space for me and ran for 4-5 minutes to complete the process.

Copying file and data via USB 3.0 to the Western Digital Hard disk went at a rate of 55 MB/s . I am not sure these are USB 3.0 speeds as the speeds put were around 5 GB/s still seems pretty ok to me…..