Affordable 3G modem

I was looking for a cheap and reliable unlocked 3G data card and the Alcatel X090 presented a good deal. I have already used alcatel mobile phone and researching online found the X090 data card to be a good bet for a entry level data card.

The product packaging itself was nice and attractive in a small plastic box with the data card inside, a USB extension cable and a manual. The data card is similar size to a normal thumb drive and sliding the cover gives access to the SIM card slot and Micro SD card slot. Putting in the sim card and connecting to the USB drive of the computer started the installation process and it was over in a jiffy.

The dialer software called My Connection started up and as you can see below its pretty slick looking interface but the icons can be little confusing. It was able to automatically detect the 3G profile of the inserted SIM and in the bottom part of the dialer screen shows the operator name and signal strength.

Alcatel X090 Dialer screen

The settings screen has some options to fiddle around with the 2G / 3G mode and profile options. The communications screen has all the sms received basically a inbox and SMS can be sent. But there is no option for USSD which is a major drawback if the operator doesn’t have any other option to check your data balance.

It supports speeds upto 3.6 Mbps only which wasn’t a major concern for me and the statistics screen can show up the usage for the defined period of dates. The signal reception is good and doesn’t get heated up that much during a period of 1-2 hours. All in all a good entry level data card which can be bought here

If USSD feature & 7.2 MBPS is compulsory by adding a few bux, the Lava 730 3G data card is a great option.

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