Accessorize your laptop

I always found maintaining a laptop regularly keeps it running smooth and trouble free for a longer time. And before mobile phone and accessories became popular I always accessorized my laptop. And these are my most essential accessories.

Laptop accessories

  • Screen Protector : The first thing I do is to stick a stick screen protector. I always find it very useful in the long run to keep the screen scratch and dust free….
  • Laptop Cleaning Kit : Armed with a solution to clean LCD screens, a dust brush and a microfiber cleaning cloth (from TravelPac) it helps out by cleaning my laptop screen and also the keyboard area.
  • Portable Mouse : Now I use Belkin’s retractable cable USB mouse. It’s smooth and easy to store. Before this I used a wireless mouse but changing or recharging the battery became a issue so I find this retractable mouse much better and it fits ergonomically in the hand.
  • Cooling Pad : As modern laptops go, they don’t get heated up that quickly but still if you are one to use the laptop on your lap or to get it to a slightly raised level in a table the cooling pad is a nice accessory to have with added advantage of keeping the laptop temperature under control. I use a Belkin Laptop cooling pad and it does a decent job of it.

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