My-Fi Data Card

I’ve earlier written my thoughts on a Alcatel 3G Data card and a Micromax wifi 3G router , and that was all a while back. So when my friend asked me to suggest a 3G unlocked data card whic can be plugged in via USB and also be used as Wi-fi 3G Hotspot I suggested him Huawei E8231¬†. At around 2800 INR it’s costlier than a average 3G data card like the Huawei E3531¬†which is also a 21.6 Mbps data card but without the soft wifi feature…

Huawei E8231So the Huawei E8231 is a 21.6 mbps data card with only the data card and a product information leaflet in the box.Setup was very easy with just plug-n-play to get it started after putting in the sim card. The settings was made automatically and after plugging in the usb it opened a default browser page showing the connection strength and operator name. The page was nicely setup with different tabs for message, settings, firmware update etc. Extra / advanced settings to change security settings / apn settings was available. And also a detailed view of how much data was consumed and which devices were connected to the Wifi was also available.

The soft wi-fi function makes the data card work as a wifi hotspot for other devices like smartphone / tablet etc. The connection speed was good and steady without any disconnections. And the data card can be plugged into a USB adapter power cord and can be used as a wifi hotspot without the computer / laptop. All in all a good buy with dual purpose . But for anyone looking for a completely portable 3G wifi router, one can try this Huawei E5220